I would like to take a moment to thank some of my friends in this crusade for truth and justice.

Joseph Nicola, Esq.  Nationally Renowned Federal Civil Rights Attorney

Micheal T. Butch, President of Toronto Roma Centre                  www.RomaToronto.org

and Ronald Lee for this wonderful much needed organization.

Angelo Nickels,   AMERICAN ROMANI ALLIANCE (my friend and colleague in Romani Rights who has helped us through these difficult times)

Dr.Ian Hancock, UT Austin Professor and Renowned Expert in Romany Rights. serving as Ambassador to the United Nations for Romanies.

Kristin Raessi, Voice of Roma  This wonderful woman and I worked together on an Online GED program for the Roma.

Mario Williams, founder of Romani Zor and Gypsy.com

Sammy Weiss, Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles......thank you Sammy for putting up with me for all of these years and always making time for me.

I have been so blessed to work with these special people in Romani Civil Rights....

Special Thanks to my friend Larry Macphale....No you did not FAIL, my friend...
check out his websites.... A TRUE CRUSADE AGAINST ELDER ABUSE!!!




This website is dedicated to anyone who has been racially profiled, wrongfully accused of a crime. I am doing this to help others who are going through what I have in the past two months.

My name is Jewel
and I am the victim of a hate crime. I have not changed any of the names of the people involved in this "Witch Hunt" because these people need to understand the grave danger and emotional and mental anguish they have put me through by their false accusations based on my cultural background. 
I am Romany. My family is educated, hard working and honest. I have worked hard all of my life and given back to the community to our future generation in education, ministry, and drug recovery programs.  I have never been ashamed of my culture but I do not publicly announce it due to discrimination, which leads us to why I am telling you my story.
It was early January when my hairdresser/friend invited me to his church.  It  was different than the church I attended.  Having been  a Christian nearly twenty years, I was used to more of a bible or faith based church.
Long before before Christianity, I still believed in God.  I fear no man, god only. 
 When I asked about the church and their beliefs,  I was later told that their beliefs were more of a spiritual realm, but there was more to it than that.  
 I was then asked by several what nationality I was and if I was gypsy.(I had dyed my hair darker months before) and I did something totally out of character. Letting my guard down I explained my Romany roots. This suddenly drew quite a crowd  and had their interests peaked. I explained no we are not all fortune tellers and we do not steal babies. I got a few chuckles from them.
Several of my new friends called me from church. A man named Billy who billed himself as a Tribal Elder. Billy befriended me and told me about the Spiritual Realm and his beliefs on we create our destiny. I wish that I would have read between the lines as he was one of the people who conspired against me and stole belongings from my home while I was out of town. (I have since recovered some, not all of my stolen items through the help of friends)
On a lighter note,  I also met a man named Jim who had worked in real estate and as an addiction recovery counselor. We had alot in common, more than anyone really knew. He, too had Romany Roots. He confided in me that his mother was a Gypsy and was robbed and killed by a kid on crystal meth at her flea market at the age of 72.

I am one of the founding members of SAVE OUR OWN, an addiction recovery and education program for the Roma.  www.SaveOurOwn.com

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